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Creative ways to decorate your Forshaw Mantel this Halloween

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Give Your Mantel A Lift

There is no need to brake your bank this festive season when decorating your mantel for autumn or Halloween. You can re purpose home items to decorate by using items such as picture frames, mirrors, candles, decorative pumpkins which can be used year after year. Heck, even spider webs might be okay to leave alone as long as there is no spider present (kidding!).
You can even bring the outdoors in! Items like pine cones, dried leaves & mini pumpkins make you mantel even cozier than it already is! Just don’t bring the bats inside, unless you’re adventurous!
If you don’t have items around the house to use, and are on a budget we recommend going to the dollar store nearest you. For more ideas on decorating your mantels, check out the Forshaw Pinterest Board: Autumn Mantels.