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Propane or Natural Gas for Your Grill?

Monday, July 16th 2012

Propane (LP gas) tanks are the most common source of fuel for gas barbeques. It is usually easy to find a place near your home where you can get refills. But we always suggest to people that they think about natural gas. Typically, we can run a gas line for around $200, and then you NEVER have to worry about your tank running out of gas in the middle of a party. Think about it – would you want to have to get propane tanks filled for your gas dryer, your furnace or your gas range? Over the long haul, natural gas is cheaper and far, far more convenient. And we can install a quick-disconnect valve so that you can always unplug the grill and move it out of the way. So if you’re thinking about a gas grill, let us give you a quote on running a natural gas line.
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