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Please enter your information below so that we can follow-up with our availability to perform a cleaning and service on your fireplace product. We do not clean chimneys or inspect fuel lines. This form is not collecting your credit card information, nor creating an obligation for Forshaw to service your fireplace. This helps us gather the information needed to determine how we can help you with your fireplace. Fireplace service is a seasonal business and can have longer lead times during the fall and winter. Safety is our first priority as we perform a detailed assessment of your appliance.

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We charge $269 for aftermarket service calls. For fireplaces that are less than 5 years old, most calls can be completed on the first trip without additional parts. If parts are needed on the first trip, we will tell you the price of those parts before we install them. For older units, as well as fan, valve, or remote problems, additional calls can be necessary. We charge a $60 trip charge on additional trips, plus additional parts needed.
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