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Tea Bags: Household Helpers

tea-bags-household-helpFor those who have been celebrating National Tea Month, you have probably gone through many tea bags. Tea enthusiasts may not know that those little bags of tea aren’t just a solution to needing a warm drink, but they are actually very useful around the house.
If your tea bags have a staple and a tag on them, you will want to remove those since they do not offer anything in any of the following tips.
Tea bags are great for the garden. For house plants you can use used tea bags to clean the leaves that way your house plant is really sparkling. The leaves also absorb the tea so they get a nice little drink.
If you place tea bags in the soil of your plants it increases the nitrogen levels for nutrient rich soil. & if you use compost, then the tea bags will add reduces the garbage & adds nutrients to it as well.
Even if you simply just steep a tea bag in water & then use it to water your plants, they will reap the benefits of the nutrients that the tea has to offer.
Tea bags can also be used to flavor meats! You can use tea as a marinade before you grill for a different flavor as well as more tender meat!