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What you should know about salt-water swimming pools:

What you should know about salt-water swimming pools:
Salt water pools have enjoyed a tremendous increase in popularity in the past few years. Properly maintained and balanced, they eliminate the need for you to add chlorine, saving effort and cost. They do pose certain challenges for outdoor furniture, however.
The increased salt level in the pool water can lead to corrosion and damage of your patio furniture. The chief area of concern is the seat of a chair, couch or chaise lounge. A swimming suit that is soaking wet can leave a lot of salt behind, and this is very hard on the furniture’s finish. Though your arms and legs can also leave salt deposits, this is not typically a major problem, because the amount of salt involved is pretty minimal.
Salt is hard on any metal, including rust-resistant aluminum. It does not pose a problem for fabrics, so cushion and sling furniture are not to be worried about (unless the water is leaking through to rest on the metal frame.) A few manufacturers coat their furniture to protect it from salt.
Your best course is to rinse your furniture often so as to prevent any buildup. This will help you get many years of enjoyment from your furniture investment.