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Safety Considerations for Firepits

Sitting around a cozy fire roasting marshmallows and telling stories is one of the best ways to enjoy spending time with loved ones. Although firepits are inviting, there are nonetheless some safety concerns you should be aware of if you are to enjoy them to their fullest.
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Your firepit should be made from non-flammable material such as ceramic, brick, or metal. Not only that, but your firepit should have a non-flammable base to sit on as well. A platform made from brick, stone pavers, concrete, or gravel is preferred. You may also bury your firepit and then place one of those non-flammable materials in an area that’s between two and three feet in diameter all the way around it.
The area where you place your firepit is equally as important as the material it is constructed from. Many homeowners place firepits on a patio or deck that’s adjacent to the house; however, doing so is not recommended. Your firepit should ideally be placed at least 25 feet away from buildings or flammable structures such as wooden fencing. You should also take care not to store flammable items such as firewood close to your firepit.
Fire Prevention
Even when you have chosen the right materials and location, there are still a few other safety considerations you should remember:

  • Never leave a burning fire unattended
  • Do not burn plastic, rubber, or vinyl inside your firepit
  • Avoid building very large fires by keeping flames no more than four to five inches above the top of your firepit
  • Keep a working fire extinguisher and/or several buckets of water nearby whenever your firepit is in use
  • Be sure to carefully extinguish all flames each time you are finished using your firepit

By following these firepit safety tips, you can greatly reduce the risk of injury or property damage. To learn more about firepits or firepit safety, please contact us.