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More Than Just Cars…

An industry leader in luxury design, the Pininfarina Group has been moving dreams since 1930. An icon of Italian design, it has made countless contributions to the history of the global automotive industry. Pininfarina is not just an automotive design firm, but much more.

With its headquarters in Cambiano, Torino, the Group employs nearly 700 people through its offices in Italy, Germany, China and the United States. The Pininfarina Group represent and work with the most prestigious brands in the world. Pininfarina divides its capabilities into different business units, with their Home Design unit collaborating directly with HIGOLD. The Home Design team at Pininfarina imagines the whole living space, from architecture to furniture, creating unique and sophisticated style.

Through its relationship with HIGOLD, Pininfarina has expanded into outdoor living spaces, bringing truly iconic designs and expertise to a forward-thinking manufacturer. Together, the furniture has and will continue to create wonderful, emotive living spaces for all to enjoy.

HIGOLD Chief Designers


Thomkins, born in Switzerland and based in Hamburg, Germany, studied fine arts and sculpture at Düsseldorf Art Academy as well as industrial design at the Folkwang Design School of Essen University. In 1983, he founded his own design office, T.B.A. Designsozietät. He joined the HIGOLD design team in 2014 and has since created several original designs.

Most of his collections are both applicable for outdoor and indoor use, now a benchmark of design in the furniture industry. He focuses on product details and user experience by applying ergonomics to his product design. His works keep leading the creative trends in the industry of outdoor furniture.


Claudio Bellini is an architect and designer based in Milan where he graduated with a degree in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano. In 1996, he established his own multidisciplinary design studio shaped by the harmony of beauty and efficiency, which focuses on furniture, product and interior design.

An international speaker with years of university teaching experience, Bellini works as the creative director for a number of leading global brands, where his success is evidenced by the multitude of awards he’s won over the years. He has an open-minded attitude, combined with a peculiar sensibility for different culture and historical heritage. Describing Claudio with his own words: “I am a world citizen with an Italian soul.”