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Passion for Furniture
Excellent Outdoor Living

HIGOLD came into the outdoor furniture industry with one goal: to help people live the excellent life. Since 2005, HIGOLD has designed many collections of outdoor furniture that have both awed and inspired. HIGOLD takes great pride in creating new, unique and high-quality furniture for everyone to enjoy.

Strive to Create Satisfying Outdoor Lifestyles

HIGOLD goes beyond being a mere supply and demand company; our ideology centers on offering a refined and elegant lifestyle through our products. With uniquely innovative designs, our outdoor furniture provides customers with compelling reasons to embrace the outdoors and enjoy an elevated living experience.

Our Values
Creative, Cooperative and Leading

HIGOLD has created many collaborative partnerships around the world. From design firms like Pininfarina, to distribution in over 100 countries, HIGOLD is committed to creating a globally recognized brand in outdoor furniture. Join us in cooperative partnerships as we innovate and lead the industry in design and quality. With a persistent vigor, we value our partners, seeking to improve and grow every day. Join us as we embark in the United States to bring a global, Euro-centric outdoor manufacturer to the U.S. casual industry.

Importance of Design
Original Design for Tomorrow

HIGOLD believes that design makes a difference. HIGOLD has won Red Dot Design Awards, Pinnacle Awards in Asia, an IF Design Award, among others. Through HIGOLD’s extensive efforts, the company has allured many notable designers and entire design firms to work alongside to create truly cutting-edge furniture. One award-winning designer at HIGOLD, Nicholas Thomkins, is known for his original signature designs of functional furniture. At HIGOLD, Thomkins has explored the total outdoor living realm by designing not just furniture, but cooking appliances too. HIGOLD’s investment in exceptional design goes even further. The brand has also created a collaborative design relationship with Pininfarina, the illustrious design company. This relationship has fostered one truly iconic furniture. Together, HIGOLD and Pininfarina are at the forefront of outdoor furniture design.

Quality is Paramount
Detailed Process throughout the Production Chain

As a leading brand in the creative outdoor furniture industry, HIGOLD has created high quality, refined, and original processes from R&D to manufacturing. Each process has been strictly controlled to ensure the product that emerges is of the best quality. Advanced and modern outdoor furniture production lines have been created to realize a scientifically engineered product, with little to no variance in each batch. Every piece of HIGOLD outdoor furniture shows the perfect fusion of ingenuity and technology. HIGOLD’s high quality, durable and sustainable construction, and exceptional style place it as a leading furniture brand for the ever-changing world. The timeless transitional style of aluminum frames with teak accents provide offerings for all to enjoy. Together with their notable designers, HIGOLD is pioneering a beautiful and functional future for outdoor furniture.