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Broilmaster Gas Grill

Broilmasters Available at Forshaws St. Louis

Prior to lighting your Broilmaster, adjust the cooking grids to the desired height. Broilmaster P, C, Q,
and R grills have multiple grids to let you cook at different levels at the same time. H Series grills have
single-level grids. Use the lowest grid position to quickly sear steaks, then move them to a higher grid
and heat them to the desired doneness. Use the higher grid positions to slow cook and for well-done
meats without excessive searing.
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Broilmaster available at Forshaw


Always preheat your Broilmaster a few minutes with the lid closed. This heats the cooking grids so foods sear properly without sticking. On gas grills, preheating also warms the briquettes or ceramic plaques for quicker cooking and better flavor.

Lighting a Gas Grill

These are general instructions only, please read your owner’s manual and carefully follow the directions for lighting your Broilmaster. Open the grill lid, push and turn one burner control knob counterclockwise to “HI. Push the electronic lighter button until the burner lights. If burner fails to light after 5 seconds, turn off the gas for 5 minutes, to allow any accumulated gas to clear. Then try the procedure again. If your igniter battery is dead, insert a long wooden match or a long butane lighter into the lighter hole on the left or right side of the bottom casting and turn the burner control to “HI.

Lighting a Charcoal Grill

Do not use charcoal starter fluid. It can damage the grill and will void your warranty. Load the grill with enough Broilmaster Premium Lump charcoal (or briquets) to create a mound covering most of the charcoal rack. You can fill one side of the grill for indirect cooking. Insert a charcoal starter into the center of the mound. Fully open both lower air intake vents. With the lid open and the charcoal piled in tray, use natural charcoal starter cubes, a charcoal chimney or an electric charcoal starter. Always follow the manufacturer’s warnings and instructions. Do not lean over grill when lighting or cooking. After coals have been lit for about seven to ten minutes, or when several coals are burning, close the lid and swing open the smoke vent on top all the way for maximum air flow. Let burn with lid closed for about five minutes or until most coals are burning. Carefully open the lid or the front access door and spread coal as desired with metal rod or optional ash tool.