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Choosing Mantels for Your Home this Holiday Season

Holiday Mantels

As one enters a living room or bedroom, a fireplace immediately attracts attention and creates a cozy look. A fireplace mantel creates a focal point in a room and adds a finishing touch to a home. While there are many choices with mantels, it’s wise to choose a look that enhances the aesthetics of your home.
Most fireplaces don’t look complete without mantels. If you are updating a home, a mantel can change the look of an entire room. Here are some styles of fireplace mantels worth considering for your next home project:
1. Carved Stone Mantels
Mantels made with carved stone have a clean, crisp aesthetic. Similar to carved marble sculptures, these types of mantels give a room an elegant look. Some carved stone mantels are minimalist in style, while others are quite detailed. If you have a room with lots of crisp white, cream, or beige wall colors, consider a light stone carved mantel as a finishing touch. This mantel style also works well with stone floors and other stone features throughout the home, such as stone counter tops.
2. Painted White Mantels
White wood mantels give a room a fresh, crisp look. They look clean and sturdy – and match many modern or traditional decor themes. These mantels give a room a stately appeal, and can also look a bit more casual compared to stone. If your home has a lot of muted or matte earth tones, a painted white mantel helps to define areas of the room. This type of mantel also complements white wall or ceiling mouldings.
3. Deeply Hued Wood Mantels
Wood mantels in rich tones give rooms a traditional, timeless look. These mantels match a variety of color schemes, such as jewel tones or other nature-inspired wall colors. A well-polished wood mantel highlights the beauty of the wood grain. In addition, wood mantels complement other types of wood furniture throughout a home. These types of mantels especially complement craftsman or handcrafted furniture.
This holiday season, place decorative items on your fireplace mantel, or hang a wreath above. New mantels can make quite a statement – and can give renovated homes a special ambiance. If you would like further information about our fireplace mantel selection, contact us.