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DIY Compost

Not only is Earth Day in April, but this month is also considered Keep America Beautiful Month! Do your part by keeping some of your home waste out of landfills and reduce your carbon footprint. Making your own compost out of your kitchen trash is great for the soil and will help make your garden stunning. With an outdoor kitchen, beautiful garden, and brand new patio furniture, you’ll never want to go inside!
Know what to compost.
You want your compost to be made up  of three ingredients: browns, greens, and water. Collect the scraps from fruits and veggies as well as coffee grounds, grass clippings, branches, dead leaves,  twigs, cotton, wool, hair, fur, fireplace ashes, and paper.
Designate a container to collect kitchen waste.
You can collect materials in a kitchen bowl to be thrown in a larger, covered container outside.
Mix or turning the compost regularly is essential.
As you turn the pile, add water to moisten the new materials added.
You will know your compost is ready when the bottom material is dark and rich in color