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Create Your Own Luxury Getaway

For some, the lux lifestyle is perfectly indulgent, replete with homes in exclusive zip codes, famous friends, and private jets. For the rest of us, a trip to the day spa or a weekend in a four-star hotel will have to do. But that’s okay, because with elegant pool furniture from Gensun Casual Living, we can create our own genuine oasis right in the backyard. So let the other half sun themselves on their yachts, we’ll make our own luxurious getaway without ever having to leave home sweet home.
Your Last Resort
If you dream of retreating to a luxury resort look no further than your own backyard. With dozens of styles, finishes and fabric choices, Gensun Casual Living’s pool furniture and outdoor living accessories take your patio from pedestrian to posh in no time.
It’s easy, too. Use our “Room Planner application and design your ultimate outdoor room, complete with outdoor kitchen , patio and pool furniture , fire pits  and accessories. But don’t be surprised if your friends and family start taking “staycations at your pad. 
 What Happens in Vegas…
Can’t make it to Vegas? No bother, we’ll bring it to you. Gensun Casual Living’s distinctive “Bellagio collection finds its origins in Italy, but gets its panache from its high-roller resort namesake. For the ultimate in comfort, opulent luxury and memorable style, Bellagio brings a royal flush to any poolside or patio. Choose from sofas, swivels, sectionals and loveseats, plus chaises for the sun lovers. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
It’s a “Winederful Life
Overlooking the sparkling Adriatic Sea, the fertile hills of San Marino are home to ancient vineyards, and world acclaimed wines. Sangiovese, Mosacto Spumanti and the sweet, Oro dei Gotti hail from this region due east of Florence. If you fancy yourself a bit of an oenophile, Gensun Casual Living’s San Marino collection is a perfect complement to your passion.
Backdoor Côte d’Azur
The Riviera – the ultimate luxury destination, where the rich and famous “A-listers hobnob with their tribe. So what if your yacht ain’t half a football field long? Gensun Casual Living’s “Riviera collection lets you enjoy the mystique and allure of this jet-setter destination – without all the paparazzi.