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Fireplace Inserts: Bring on the holiday mood!

The joy of the holiday season will overcome your home soon.

Are you ready?
You have the perfect centerpiece and tableware. You’ve got the entertainment for each holiday gathering planned and your favorite holiday classics queued up on the sound system. You catch yourself humming Christmas carols at odd times. What are those words Nat King Cole sang on your grandparents old record player? “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

A fire would create great ambiance!

Quadra-Fire Classic Bay InsertFor a beautiful, traditional addition to your festivities that you can use throughout the heating season, you might want to consider fireplace inserts. They come in a variety of styles and fuel consumption. If you like the look of a wood pile stacked snuggly waiting to shield you from the cold, a wood-burning insert might be the thing for you. Or maybe you would prefer to burn propane or natural gas.
Direct vent fireplace inserts are safe to use and you keep the temperature in the house, rather than losing it out the flue. The flame is often visible through glass doors, allowing the fire to add a visual warm glow to the room.
Holiday joy is yours as you and your guests sit around the fire, reminiscing about days gone by and creating new memories for tomorrow. Something about watching a fire seems magical and brings us to a contemplative state.
When the party’s over, you and your family will continue to enjoy sitting around the fire, soaking up its radiance when you return home at the end of the day. Whether you’re sipping cider or doing homework during school snow days, the fire is sure to warm your thoughts and hearts.
Contact us to see what kind of insert would best suit your needs and bring you holiday cheer.