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Food & Beer Pairings

Become an Expert in Food & Beer Pairing

Forshaw St. Louis & beer pairings for Summer recipe
Here in St. Louis we are no strangers to beer. We are a city swimming in breweries and microbreweries. When you’re getting ready to grill up something delicious on your Forshaw grill or in your Forshaw outdoor kitchen and you stop to pick up beer to go with it, how do you know that the beer that you’re grabbing is going to compliment your meal?
Try out these tips & let us know what you think!
Ales go well with burgers, buffalo wings, Asian food, Mexican food, spicy food, nutty food, fried food, pizza, and steaks. As for cheeses, drink ales with Cheddar, Parmesan, or Romano.
Lagers should be drank with shellfish, light seafood, sushi, grilled pork, grilled chicken, pasta dishes that do not have cream or meat sauces on them, Southeast Asian food, Latin food, Mexican food, and spicy food.
Pilsners pair well with salads, light seafood, salmon, tuna, trout, asparagus, Asian food, Mexican food, and spicy food. Drink these beers when using American, Muenster, Havarti, and Monterey Jack cheeses.
Porter beer goes great with smoked foods, barbecue, sausage, rich stews, meats, bacon, chili, and braised dishes.
Stouts taste fantastic with roasted foods, smoked foods, barbecued/grilled foods, salty foods, oysters, rich stews and braised dishes. These beers also taste amazing with chocolate and other desserts.
Wheat beer
Wheat beer, such as Hefeweizen, should be drank when eating light soups and salads, vegetarian dishes, sushi, sweet and fruity Asian dishes, citrus-flavored dishes, including dessert and salad dressings. Cheese loves drink this beer with Gruyère cheese and Feta/goat cheese.
But the most important thing to remember when choosing is a beer is that THERE IS NO WRONG ANSWER. Beer is beer. Drink whatever you like with your delicious grilled meal!