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Store Your Grill The Right Way

How to prepare your grill for outdoor winter
Do not fret if you are the type of person who does not prefer to grill year-round. This is the time, however, to get your grill all packed away & safe for the winter season before it’s too late & it’s covered in our St. Louis snow & ice. If you’re able to store it outside with the help of a grill cover this will be an easy process!
The first thing you need to do of course, is give your grill a very good cleaning. Make sure you’ve removed all the grease & the food bits.
Shut off the gas at the LP tank. Unfasten the burner & take the gas tubes off the gas lines. Lift then entire thing out as one unit.
For your burners & other metal parts on your grill, coat them in cooking oil. This will help keep moisture away & will prevent these parts of your grill from rusting.
One thing that will prevent you from having a poor start to your next grilling season keeping the insects away from making a home of your grill in the cold weather. Wrap your burner unit in a plastic bag tightly & tape a plastic bag over the grill’s gas line opening so that the little critters wont be able to get to it.
If you’re keeping the grill outside then leaving the propane tank connected but shut off is exactly what you are going to want to do. If you are bringing it into a garage or shed, leave the propane tank outside in an upright position away from vents & children’s play areas.