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Vent free gas logs

Thursday, July 12th 2012

Are vent – free gas logs a good option for you? They can be, so long as you understand their limitations. First of all, they do pour a tremendous amount of heat up across the face of your fireplace, so any combustible (like a wood mantel) must be a good distance away from the fireplace opening (always follow manufacturer’s guidelines!). Vent free logs burn very cleanly, but they will combust whatever is in the air in the room, so strong odors like newly applied paint, refinished floors, even cooking smells can cause a pretty unpleasant “smell stew.” Some smoke alarms are very sensitive to the tiny amount of fumes that vent – free appliances put off. Finally, make sure that the vent-free appliance doesn’ put TOO MUCH heat into the room – you might end up turning them off to cool down!!
R.H. Peterson Real Fyre vent free glass gems