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Weber grills by Mallory

Monday, May 21st 2012

Everyone today wants a good deal, unfortunately we often sacrifice quality when we look for the lowest price. This is very true with grills, you really get what you pay for. For years I replaced one box store $200 grill with another $200 grill every 2-3 years. Then I finally got a Weber. Not only is the quality evident in the food but in the wear of the grill as well. One thing that is reassuring to know is that Weber’s not only last longer but if something needs replacement you’ve got the best customer service of any grill company to back you up. If you need a part down the road and Forshaws doesn’t have it you can have Weber ship it right to your home! So before you waste your time buying a grill that will have to be replaced in 2 years look at the Weber line at Forshaws, you’ll be happy you did!
One touch platinum