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There are so many ways to prepare what you’re grilling up for dinner, how do you even choose? Here is a sure fire way to tell the difference between 3 favorite ways to prepare your proteins before you throw them on the grill to enjoy.
Brine-Add juiciness with this salt based solution. To make the brine just boil about 2 quart of water & then add 1 cup of kosher salt & 1 cup dark brown sugar. Once you let it cool then you can add your chosen form of protein. You can brine small pieces of meat in as little as 30 minutes. You’ll know when it is fully brined when it looks full.
This is best to use on poultry, pork, catfish or salmon.
Marinade-We’re sure most of you have used some kind of marinade before. We’ve even included recipes for these mixtures before in our past blogs. Marinades add strong flavors to your proteins. Find different variations all over the internet & decide which one os best for you.
Use this method on beef, lamb, pork, poultry, shellfish & veggies.
Dry Rub- When you flavor your proteins using this method, you are mixing spices, herbs, etc. With a dry rub, like the ones we’ve provided in past blogs, you’re wanting to create some kind of a crispy skin or crust on the outside of the protein.
Use this on beef lamb, pork, poultry, & shellfish
Why not try them all? Let us know which one is your favorite way to prepare your proteins.