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Affordable Outdoor Kitchens

From Backyard Grill to Outdoor Gourmet in Under a Day 

Affordable Outdoor Kitchen Forshaw


Call it what you may, savvy shopper or frugalista/frugalisto, being cost-conscious has become au courant. So if you’ve always thought an outdoor kitchen was expensive and totally out of reach, Gensun Casual Living’s easy-to-assemble, affordable outdoor kitchens just made the A-list of home-improvement deals of the decade.


Dream it. Design it. Build it.

Turn your backyard barbeque into an affordable outdoor kitchen – at a fraction of the cost — with just three basic tools and a couple of hours, with no costly site modification, construction, contractors or architects. You can do this! Three simple tools are all you need to build your affordable outdoor kitchen.

Whether you’re designing an affordable outdoor kitchen to fit an outdoor room, patio, porch or terrace, Gensun Casual Living’s online Room Planner application helps you create one to your exact specifications — and wildest dreams!

Once you have your space requirements, now the fun begins. Choose from Gensun Casual Living’s extensive catalog of freestanding cabinets and drawers, Lion grills and side burners, bar inserts and kitchen sinks. No more running to and fro to grab stuff from inside. With countless configurations, you can build an outdoor kitchen to suit your lifestyle.

Next – choose your countertops and side panels. With many beautiful, long-lastingpowder coated finishes, Gensun Casual Living’s affordable outdoor kitchens are extremely durable, and, for real value, covered by an industry-setting, 15-year limited warranty. To see an outdoor kitchen that Forshaw has built, click here.

Location, Location, Location

Now that you’ve got your site plan and list of affordable outdoor kitchen components, it’s time to put it all together. Will your kitchen be freestanding or installed along a wall? Depending on your answer, choose from either stamped aluminum or decorative cast aluminum back panels.

Marble-esque tabletops for elegance and easy care


Top it All Off

You’re almost there – now that your cabinets are configured and panels attached, it’s time to top off your outdoor kitchen with a marble-esque cast aluminum countertop. Available in three finishes, mix and match with 12 panel finish colors for a truly customized, and affordable, outdoor kitchen.



Take it All In & Enjoy your new Outdoor Kitchen!

Outdoor Kitchen Set at Forshaw St. Louis

Wow – look at that! You’ve just built a totally functional, exceptionally beautiful and affordable outdoor kitchen. So – what’s for dinner? We’ve put together some delicious recipes that are just the meal ticket.

Share with us what you plan to cook first using your new outdoor kitchen by commenting below!

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