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Convienient Cooking

A Complete Outdoor Kitchen at Your Fingertips!

Oof. Another trip BACK to the kitchen to get one more thing – more plates, utensils, something from the fridge. Is that how you spend your weekend barbeques? If this scenario is hitting too close to home, perhaps it’s time to invest in an easy-to-build Gensun Casual Living outdoor kitchen, complete with outdoor kitchen cabinets for the ultimate in convenience.
Let’s Get Serious
Ready to get serious about your outdoor kitchen dreams? Gensun Casual Living’s online “Room Planner application can help you design an outdoor kitchen in any number of space configurations — from exacting specifications — to your wildest dreams!


Dream it, design it and build it – your ultimate outdoor kitchen with outdoor cabinets, in under a day.

All the elements for your outdoor kitchens, including freestanding outdoor kitchen cabinets, grills, outdoor appliances and a selection of counter tops, are integrated into the Room Planner. Choose your “to scale pieces from a pull-down menu within the application, and drag and drop into place. You’ll know exactly how much (or how little) you’ll need to make your outdoor kitchen convenient, functional and fashionable.
Make it Yours – Make it Yourself
If you thought an outdoor kitchen was beyond your reach, we want to change all that. No costly contractors, no trenching or disruptive construction. With countless configurations, you can design and build an affordable outdoor kitchen yourself, in under a day! One that will perfectly match your lifestyle. No more trekking to and fro to grab stuff from inside.
Mix and match your counter top finishes with your outdoor kitchen cabinets for a truly custom outdoor kitchen. With dozens of beautiful, long-lasting powder coated finishes, affordable outdoor kitchens are extremely durable, and for real value, covered by an industry-setting, 15-year limited warranty.
Once you’ve finished building your dream outdoor kitchen with lots of counter space and roomy cabinets, you’ll finally have a place to store the extra dishes and cooking utensils that go hand-in-hand with outdoor entertaining. Bring out those banana-shaped ice-cream sundae dishes or the colorful melamine serving platters! Round up all your barbeque gear, from the meat thermometer to the vegetable grilling basket to the toasting forks, and put everything in its place.
Next, you’ll be inspired to host a new backyard barbecue extravaganza where you can freely mix and mingle with your guests. We’ve got some ideas for putting your next outdoor party together, from a Hawaiian luau to an all-star cookout.
“So, this is what it’s like to enjoy my own barbeque…
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