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Do You Know Your Meat?

Ready to grill this Fourth of July?

Now that it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to grill up a big juicy steak. But before you head to the store & stand in front of all your choices, are you really sure you’re getting the best cut for how you like to cook it? Learn about the different cuts of steak that you will have to choose between.
1) TOP ROUND (AKA London broil)
Very lean with mild flavor; dense and slightly chewy. Inexpensive with no fat to trim off, so more meat for your money; even shape makes it easy to slice thin. Marinating will tenderize the meat.  Best served rare to medium (overcooking will turn this cut intoleather). Must be carved very thin, against the grain. Great cold for sandwiches. “Best Buy”
2) RIB EYE (AKA Delmonico steak)
Naturally tender cut cooks up juicy, with a rich flavor of caramelized meat. Can be sold bone-in for rib lovers and for a more dramatic presentation. Lots of marbling makes it self-basting. These steaks are pricey, so look for ones with a large “eye” and less surrounding fat.
3) FILET MIGNON (AKA tenderloin steak)
Its mild flavor and tenderness make it the perfect canvas for a starring sauce. Expensive, but unlike other cuts, it doesn’t need to be trimmed and doesn’t shrink much during cooking. Avoid acidic marinades — they’ll deteriorate the fine grain and make the meat mealy. Best eaten rare to medium. Lean and tender enough to be eaten cold. Skip the steak knife — it cuts like butter!
Nothing says “steakhouse” like a T-bone. Great for steak lovers who eat with their eyes first. Combines two contrasting cuts in one sitting — part of the delicate tenderloin and robust, juicy strip. The bone adds flavor and seals in juices. Perfect for carnivores who feel the meat’s just a vehicle for getting to gnaw on the bone.
5) SKIRT STEAK (AKA fajita steak)
Good bang for your buck — juicy and flavorful; quick-cooking and versatile. Firm, accordion-like grain soaks up dry rubs and marinades. Best served rare to medium-rare. Anything more toughens the meat. “Best Buy”
6) STRIP LOIN (AKA strip steak; New York strip steak; shell steak)
A beef-lover’s steak — you can really taste the steer. A trophy cut — tenderness, succulence and a satisfying chew. Low maintenance: cooks evenly, ideal for a variety of cooking methods (grilling, broiling and pan-roasting). Serve rare or medium-rare: This cut turns mealy when overcooked. “Best Buy”
Now that you have your perfect steak it’s time to get that charcoal grill fired up & then sit out on your patio & enjoy the summer.