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Experience the Fine Craftsmanship of Forshaw Mantels

Fireplaces are one of the top three amenities that prospective home buyers like in a home. Whether they’re used for heating or simply to create a cozy ambiance, just their presence can add value to a home. Fireplaces are the focal point of many rooms they grace and mantels are their crowning glory, so you want one that sets the right tone for your space.
Forshaw offers three different types of mantels: wood, reclaimed timber, and stone. Within those three categories are plenty of style choices, from that of a sophisticated estate to classical architecture to contemporary selections.
For example, you can choose from among many different styles of custom wood mantels from Forshaw’s estate series, heritage series or simplicity series. While some homeowners may prefer more of a statement mantel with lots of detail work paired with a granite surround, others might enjoy the look of a minimalist shelf.
If you love eco-friendly choices that carry their own past history, our reclaimed timber shelves are perfect for you. Each is unique with its own aged character, coloring and texture – great for any type of decor.
Simple, detailed or with a European flair, we create each stone mantel in-house so you get the color and style you really want. The sharp definition of these mantels gives them a real presence in every kind of design from contemporary to old world style.
With over 145 years as a family-owned business, Forshaw of St. Louis’ fine craftsmanship, high quality materials and unsurpassed service has earned us the outstanding nation-wide reputation we have today. When you’re ready to replace your fireplace mantel or if you’re still in the construction phase, contact us for the perfect choice, and find out why founder Joseph Forshaw would still be proud today.