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How to Create a Cold Weather-Friendly Outdoor Living Space

Although you might commonly think of spending time outdoors during the summer months, you probably don’t want to stay cooped up inside just because the temperatures are a little chilly. Luckily, it is entirely possible to create an outdoor living space that is cold weather-friendly so that you can spend time outdoors all year long.
Close Your Deck In
If you plan on lounging on the deck, consider closing it in so that it is more like an outdoor room. Choose a durable decking material to build your deck and build walls on some of the sides. Think about how the wind blows, and consider building your walls so that you are shielded from the chilly wind on cold days.
Implement a Fire Pit
Fire pits aren’t just for the summer months. If you bring in a nice fire pit, you can keep your backyard retreat nice and cozy on cooler days and evenings. Just make sure that you are careful to avoid fire hazards; luckily, if you use composite decking, you can reduce the chance of a fire.
Stock Up on Throws
Consider placing a nice basket or outdoor-friendly storage ottoman in your backyard retreat and filling it up with cozy, easy-to-wash throw blankets. Then, you and your guests can snuggle up even on chillier days.
Cozy Up Your Furniture
Now is the time to switch to upholstered outdoor furniture rather than cold wrought iron or other metal. Consider covering furniture with comfortable outdoor-friendly pillows to make them a bit cozier as well.
You don’t have to spend the winter indoors if you create a winter-friendly outdoor living area. Fire pits and other additions can actually make your outdoor living space friendly for any time of year. If you are interested in purchasing a fire pit that you can enjoy all year long, contact us today!