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Fall into Autumn Decorating

Fun and Fabulous Fall Mantel Decorations

Seasonal decorating is one of the easiest and most fun ways to give your home a little lift throughout the year. And if you have a fireplace mantel, you’ve got the perfect spot – there are so many fabulous ways to decorate your mantel for fall, from understated elegance in subdued tones to a full celebration of autumn with vibrant fall colors. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
1. Nothing says “autumn” like pumpkins and gourds. Place two or three gourds on one side of the mantel and the same number of small pumpkins on the other, then hang a fall wreath in the center. Use gourds and pumpkins of the same size or select graduated heights. Gourds and pumpkins come in a range of interesting colors and patterns, so you’ll be adding some texture and pop to your room as well.
2. Create a flowing wavy garland of taupe, brown, or other neutral-toned wide ribbon and punctuate it with faux fall leaves, berries, pumpkins and evergreen clusters. Hang it from the front of your mantel; this leaves room on top of the mantel for vases with faux fall leaves or berries, candles wrapped in twine (which can also be dotted with faux berries), seasonal framed art, or anything else you love.
3. Fill shapely glass containers or pitchers with small pine cones; these can be placed symmetrically at either end of the mantel or you can use different sizes and shapes grouped in the center. If you want more color, add faux fall leaves, small berry branches, or any other seasonal bits of nature. Have fun playing with the arrangements until you find the one you love.
4. Place faux evergreen boughs along the top of the mantel, letting some branches overhang naturally. Create a carefree, asymmetrical look by randomly nestling in candle holders, fall-inspired pottery, an accent lamp, or any other seasonal pieces.
5. Tall, narrow glass vases offer endless possibilities. Fill them with faux wheat stalks, bare branches or silk fall flowers, stack small pumpkins in them, layer pine cones and colorful silk leaves – the possibilities are endless.
6. Create a warm, cozy mantel with a thick evergreen layer, then add white candles of different heights covering the length of the mantel end-to-end.
Fall decorating is all about nature-inspired themes; for a more contemporary look, paint small pumpkins and gourds in metallic colors like gold, silver, copper and bronze. No mantel? No problem – contact us for a beautiful selection of wood, stone or reclaimed timber mantels.