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The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Looking forward to a fun-filled St. Patrick’s celebration in your backyard?

Forshaw, Big Green Egg, St. Patrick's Day
The Leprechauns will envy your Big Green Egg when they smell the steaks you’ll cook up in your backyard. Maybe they’ll even trade for a pot of gold!
“EGGs” combine the clay egg-shape design of kamados found in archaeological digs with modern materials and construction techniques to offer a unique grilling experience. Enhanced with thermometers, quality porcelain surfaces, and stainless steel cooking surfaces, cooking with a Big Green Egg is fun, reliable, and best of all—a great tool to demonstrate your culinary art!
These evolved engineering feats help you achieve desired cooking temperatures and hold them consistently. The porcelain surfaces are easy to maintain and the cooking surfaces are easily cleaned for safe food production. Unlike other barbecue grills that use charcoal briquets, EGGs use lump wood charcoal, avoiding exposure to distasteful chemical additives to your grilled foods.
If your outdoor cooking plans are of an intimate nature involving just a few people, a small EGG might suit your needs. However, if you enjoy having the whole gang over for a barbecue, you might find that a larger size will serve you better. There are seven sizes to choose from, so one of them is sure to fit your yard.
EGGs are well-known for their customer service, too. Their website offers many helpful ideas and information as well as recipes to tantalize your palate.
You needn’t find the end of the rainbow to find your Big Green Egg dealer. The dedicated sales associates at Forshaw St. Louis can help you select the best grill and smoker for your backyard. No Leprechauns wait to trick you at Forshaw, only thoughtful people offering top-of-the-line products and service. Contact us today so you can treat yourself this St Patrick’s Day with a Big Green Egg.