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Think Spring In The Winter

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Now that we have said good-bye to Summer, we can forget about fire pits for the season, right? We could. But we think now is the perfect time to think about them.
If you already have one, how is it holding up? The last time you used it did you find yourself wondering if you should get a new one? If you have holes that have worn through the metal of a free-standing fire pit, you will want to dispose of it. Or maybe it’s still in decent shape, but you realized it’s not quite the right style for how you want to use it. Units with low sides or no covers can be more difficult if you have very young children around. Units with high sides can make roasting marshmallows more difficult. Maybe the functionality worked, but it just isn’t your style and you’ve been making do with what you’ve got.
Maybe you don’t have a fire pit and really enjoyed sitting by one at someone else’s home. You’ve seen first hand how nice it is to gather around a safely lit fire in the comfort of your own yard. Winter time means you have no guests expecting to gather around your outdoor fire. So you can take your time to consider how you use the space, what additional furniture would make sense, and what your style is.
Do you have family friendly barbecues? Do you host formal cocktail parties? Do your guests typically sit around the fire? Or do they prefer milling about and mingling? Whatever your style, contact us to bring your outdoor space to life so that it’s ready for your family and guests next spring.